Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Damage Restoration in Avon and Avon Lake

We are your storm damage and water damage restoration experts in Avon and Avon Lake. We've had a wild summer full of unpredictable weather. Disasters are unpredictable but we're always ready to help. 

Storm Damage Avon, OH

This home suffered storm damage that came with a lot of water damage. Our certified water damage restoration professionals extracted all the water and set up equipment to completely dry out the damaged areas. 

Storm Damage Rocky River, OH

After the polar vortex ripped through bringing nasty cold weather, these homeowners had cracked pipes after they froze. It caused a substantial amount of water damage. It's important to know where your water shut off is!

Storm Damage Westlake, OH

This home had a roof damage after a storm blew in off the lake. This resulted in water damage to the upstairs of the home. Our crews worked quickly to remove all water and dry out the home. 

Storm Damage Avon Lake, OH

This home had roof damage after a storm that caused a lot of water damage inside. Unresolved roof damage can cause very expensive repairs inside your home. It's important that certified water damage professionals are called in to inspect all areas so the risk for future problems are eliminated. 

Storm Damage Avon, OH

This Avon home had storm damage after damage was done to their roof. It let in a lot of water and moisture and it turned into mold. Our crews set up containment to remove all mold safely.

Storm Damage Sheffield Lake, OH

This apartment complex had water damage after a severe summer storm rolled off of Lake Erie. Our crews arrived on scene to dry out the common areas of the building.